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Mirvish Village Giveaway!

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

Here is the result of a recent commission to design and produce a three-colour silkscreen print based on two new exhibits now on display at Markham House. Tonight only, along with free hotdogs, they’re giving away 200 of these limited-editions away!

Anne Mirvish: The Artist in Her Studio
and Welcome to Yesterday:
Ephemera from Mirvish Village

Come take a look at Anne Mirvish’s art practice and her influence on the neighbourhood known as Mirvish Village. In addition check out the wonderful collection ephemera and memorabilia from the Mirvish Family archive, collected over the past 50+ years. Here you will discover the tale of the Onion Pot and the name of the first shop opened by Honest Ed Mirvish.

The shows run from May 28th to July 10th, 2016.

Markham House
610 Markham St. Toronto
Open daily from 12pm – 7pm


Xtra! magazine’s final print edition


Xtra! magazine released it’s final print edition. The art director asked the publication’s favourite illustrators to be part of the special final print edition and the image above is my contribution.

My concept: Pink Triangle Press has taken on many roles with Xtra! — patron of the arts, educator, entertainer, community leader, political activist… the list goes on. Most of all it has provided a voice to a community and inspired courage and commitment that has resulted in many positive changes to the lives of GLBTQ people right across Canada, and beyond.

Xtra! will continue publishing a daily online edition.


The original sign, on the left, is disappearing from Toronto parks.

The original sign, on the left, is disappearing from Toronto parks.

I love this old “Do Not Litter!” sign, once commonly seen around city parks in Toronto. I thought I’d have a go at redesigning it with my new style and incorporate my new, as of yet unnamed typeface. The squirrel in the new sign has obviously read the sign and isn’t making a mess.


The Ghost of Hallowe’en Future

COILS 2006 - 3 sketch [Converted]

Have a happy and safe Hallowe’en, everyone!

Bloorcourt!!! New Date! Saturday September Sixth!



My first Bloorcourt! I’ll be right next door to RCBoisjoli Ceramics. Come visit!

Fancy on Wellington

That's my girl!

That’s my girl!

If you find yourself walking along Wellington Street, east of Yonge, keep an eye out for my pup Fancy! She’s out taking a walk along the hoarding around a new residential development in Toronto, called 88 Scott Street, at the corner of Wellington and Scott. Fabulous work from other illustrator-colleagues lines the entire block.


I can't believe it's been 23 years since I spent some time in Lugano!

I can’t believe it’s been so many years since I went to Lugano!

This is an old drawing I revisited today. Complete colour change and new type. Simplified some of my textures. The image was inspired by both my visit to Lugano and a visit to Cadaqués, where I saw a fashion photography shoot involving beautifully dressed young men and women on vespas.

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