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Mirvish Village Giveaway!

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

Here is the result of a recent commission to design and produce a three-colour silkscreen print based on two new exhibits now on display at Markham House. Tonight only, along with free hotdogs, they’re giving away 200 of these limited-editions away!

Anne Mirvish: The Artist in Her Studio
and Welcome to Yesterday:
Ephemera from Mirvish Village

Come take a look at Anne Mirvish’s art practice and her influence on the neighbourhood known as Mirvish Village. In addition check out the wonderful collection ephemera and memorabilia from the Mirvish Family archive, collected over the past 50+ years. Here you will discover the tale of the Onion Pot and the name of the first shop opened by Honest Ed Mirvish.

The shows run from May 28th to July 10th, 2016.

Markham House
610 Markham St. Toronto
Open daily from 12pm – 7pm


Coney Cuisine Capital of the Great Northwest!

Whenever I visit my hometown, my first stop after the airport is either Coney Island, McKellar’s Confectionery or the aptly named Thunder Bay Restaurant. You see, there’s this thing Thunder Bay has about coney sauce. Anything you order can be served with a huge helping of gravy, and yes, they pour it all over the burger too, in fact, over everything on your plate. And the burgers and hotdogs always have the most delicious coney sauce, ever! Locals love to debate which place has the best. You can even buy it in jars at the local farmers markets.

There’s nothing like it anywhere. Some of the confectioneries drawn on the map still have lunch counters and serve french fries in paper bags! The best!

Here’s a close-up of the part of town I lived in:

THUNDER BAY sliders colouring

I’ve only included places that are still in business. The places I frequented as a kid are long gone

Note the portrait of Gus Kelos on the wall, by Thunder Bay artist Ray Swaluk. Gus would balance dogs on his arm as he readied them for customers

Inside the McKellar Conf. Note the portrait of Gus Kelos on the wall, by Thunder Bay artist Ray Swaluk. Gus would balance dogs on his arm as he readied them for customers. Legendary!

Westfort essentials

Westfort essentials: Coney Island and The Salsbury Grill. What I remember most about Coney Island is their phone number – it was almost the same as my parents. We frequently received calls!

Merla Mae is another favourite!

Merla Mae is another favourite!

Thunder Bay’s cuisine is not limited to this coney stuff, either. I’ve done a lot of work based on the other local delicacy, the persian:


I have many more projects about my home town in the works!



Hello March!

Fresh Peanuts on Etsy!

New print available in my Etsy Shop!


I love this vintage Canadian peanut vending machine! I am particularly attracted to the little tray of peanuts in the upper left corner and the fact that it’s bilingual – it has a very circus-like quality about it. I took some photos and did a drawing of the machine and recently pulled this two-colour silk-screen print which you can now get from my Etsy Shop.

Colour Coded Opens Tonight

A special delivery from Thunder Bay, just arrived!

Special delivery from Thunder Bay



Colour Coded, an exhibition by Jamie Q and Ian Phillips, Sept 13 through Nov 3rd at The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, 34 Isabella Street, Toronto. Open Tuesday – Thursday 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.


Facebook event page here.

I’ll be posting on Instagram , follow me here:


Mark your calendar: April 10th is Corm-a-rama!

Remember to mark next Tuesday April 10th in your calendar for


A fundraiser for Derek McCormack

APRIL 10th

7:30 to Midnight

At The Garrison

1197 Dundas St. West

PWYC – $10 suggested

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