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Sketchbook Issue 2

Today I mailed out the first batch of Sketchbook – Issue Two! I’ll be dropping more off at the post office over the coming days, so subscribers, watch your mailboxes!!!

Potato Gothic

This issue features a number of situations that came to mind while listening to a radio program discussing the feasibility of growing potatoes on Mars.

Coots on Canals

There are also a few images of my experiences while living on a little canal boat in London.

You can see more of the first two issues here.

If you are an art buyer or art director, you can subscribe for FREE here.





This past Autumn I launched a new illustration magazine! Twice each year, subscribers of Sketchbook will receive a collection of all-new unpublished illustrations, developed from my sketchbooks.

Cover: Fire and Ice Cream. Gelato and Engine 55, a streetscape in New York City’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Issue 1: Fire and Ice Cream. Gelato and Engine 55, in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Summer in Italy is my first issue’s theme. My actual summer in Italy was over a decade ago, so this publication is a sort of nostalgic daydream Atlas of Italy.

Here I am in New York City, looking at Sketchbook, in front of the fire station depicted on the cover.

Here I am in New York, looking at Sketchbook, in front of the fire station depicted on the cover.

You can see more of the first issue here.

There are still a few copies of issue 1 left. Issue 2 will ship in 2017. If you are an art buyer or art director, you can subscribe for FREE here.






Handwriting Analysis: A Collection

A country veterinarian’s journal

A sad tale

The journal of Douglas Young, 1898–99

Thomas Field’s scrapbook, Galt, Ontario

Found in a Calgary bookshop. Sprinkled with four-leaf clovers

The handwriting: H.R.H. Prince Arthur

Money Spent in 1931, by H. Wilbur Schwartz of Wayne County, New York

Pants + spenders + socks for $3.68! A bushed of turnips for 10 cents!

I picked up this book, attracted by the handwriting throughout in the margins:

The Hall of Hellingsley Volume III, by Sir Samuel Egerton Brydges, published in 1821

“This book is a mere parcel of balderdash”

Love Letters: Lawrence and Louise

Dearest Louise

Dearest Lawrence

Dearest Louise

Dearest Lawrence

My Swipe File: Part 2

Found this damaged empty record sleeve book at Goodwill. Replaced the damaged sleeves with brown-paper packing paper rescued from someone's trash and bound into a book form. I like the title, Linguaphone, the collages I am creating in this book are a visual language created from bits and pieces of paper torn from magazines, found on the ground, from food packaging...

Here’s some of what’s inside:

If you like scrapbooks, there’s a great article on the Brakhage Scrapbooks here. Be sure to check out the podcast. Also check out this interesting Flikr set of pages from poet Edwin Morgan’s Scrapbooks.

My Swipe File

Back in art school my teachers advised me to create a swipe file — a collection of magazine clippings and paper ephemera depicting anything visual — stuff I liked, stuff that inspired me, samples of good design, bad design… I filled a filing cabinet with reference for everything. The only problem was that I never looked at it. A few years ago I started gluing it all into scrapbooks. I’ve managed to reduce that filing cabinet’s contents into two books. I find my swipe file much more accessible now and I look at it all the time. I’ve stopped taking them with me everywhere I go, though—security at SFO didn’t like them and they took me aside to slowly scrutinize every single page. Here is some of what they saw:

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