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Sketchbook Issue 2

Today I mailed out the first batch of Sketchbook – Issue Two! I’ll be dropping more off at the post office over the coming days, so subscribers, watch your mailboxes!!!

Potato Gothic

This issue features a number of situations that came to mind while listening to a radio program discussing the feasibility of growing potatoes on Mars.

Coots on Canals

There are also a few images of my experiences while living on a little canal boat in London.

You can see more of the first two issues here.

If you are an art buyer or art director, you can subscribe for FREE here.




Mirvish Village Giveaway!

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

Here is the result of a recent commission to design and produce a three-colour silkscreen print based on two new exhibits now on display at Markham House. Tonight only, along with free hotdogs, they’re giving away 200 of these limited-editions away!

Anne Mirvish: The Artist in Her Studio
and Welcome to Yesterday:
Ephemera from Mirvish Village

Come take a look at Anne Mirvish’s art practice and her influence on the neighbourhood known as Mirvish Village. In addition check out the wonderful collection ephemera and memorabilia from the Mirvish Family archive, collected over the past 50+ years. Here you will discover the tale of the Onion Pot and the name of the first shop opened by Honest Ed Mirvish.

The shows run from May 28th to July 10th, 2016.

Markham House
610 Markham St. Toronto
Open daily from 12pm – 7pm

Freedom to Read Week

It’s Freedom to Read Week, so I thought I’d post my illustrated book cover series.

Probably one of the more famous of fictional books from the cinema

Probably one of the more famous of fictional books, appearing in Rosemary’s Baby. The central illustration is the tanis root pendant that Mia Farrow’s character dropped down a sewer

A fictional press for fictional books. I call it The Cinotext Library.

A Country Made of Ice Cream from The Way We Were

A Country Made of Ice Cream from The Way We Were

Each time I see one of these movies, I am reminded of this idea I’ve had to illustrate the covers of all the fictional books from movies that I like to watch. Here are a couple of pairings of books:

Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Night of The Iguana

Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Night of The Iguana. Of all of these books, Collected Verse Vol. 1, is the only title we don’t actually see in the film, and it’s only mentioned once.

I’ve always hesitated carrying out this project because there are a lot of artists and illustrators who paint and draw old book covers — Harland Miller and Anna Hoyle immediately come to mind. But I concluded my idea is unique enough, if I stick to the cinema. I’ve also really just wanted to do this for such a long time.

Manhattan and Deconstructing Harry

Woody Allen’s Manhattan and Deconstructing Harry

The design is based on old Pelican and Penguin classics, but I’ve changed a few things, notably the colours! These will all be available as limited edition prints, in my Esty shop, in just a few days, sans the 50-cent stickers (did that just for Instagram).

Anita Ekberg


Did this quick drawing today after learning of Anita Ekberg’s departure from this world. Oh, Anita! La Dolce Vita!!!

This is really another sneak-peek at what I’ve been busying myself with over the last twelve months. I’ve been drawing portraits in my spare time, and since January of last year, I think I’ve done nearly 100 of these. It’s been very challenging and a lot of fun! I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Nook Holiday Show, this Friday and Saturday!

My inspiration: Coconut Milk + Maid of the Mist

A little hint at my piece in the show at NOOK, this Friday and Saturday!


Starts Friday! A two-in-one event!

The Nook Holiday Show and
the Sock it to ’Em holiday sale!

50+ artists!

Friday December 6th  7 to 11pm
Saturday December 7th  11 to 6pm
NOOK, 156 Augusta Avenue in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Come buy some books, prints and ceramics!


Last weekend I went to the Art Crawl in Hamilton’s James Street North neighbourhood. Spent most of the day wandering around and exploring the industrial sectors of the city. Took some snapshots:

Weathered signage is a great source of inspiration and reference for hand-lettering

An abundance of rusty old signs were hanging on factories and fences. I love this stuff and often incorporate it into my work. Here’s a sample:


The lettering in my latest giclée print came from photographs I took of rusty old signs. This is my interpretation of the emblematic “49 Miles Scenic Drive” sign one sees all over San Francisco, only I’ve changed “Miles” to “Smiles.” Get yours here.

If you like this sort of thing, there’s a really great book that the publishers and editors at Princeton Architectural Press sent me as a gift a few years back. Edward Fella’s Letters on America. Page after page of his Polaroids of signage and lettering, and samples throughout of what it inspired: his wonderful and decorative hand lettering.

For more information about Hamilton’s art crawl, go here.

Steven Taetz Launch at the Dakota


Designed this album cover for Steven Taetz. Photography is by Matt Barnes.


This was a nice project to work on and it was a pleasure working with Steven. It’s a very exciting direction he’s taking with his work and I congratulate him!


The CD launch party is Wednesday Sept 25th, 7–9pm, at The Dakota Tavern, 249 Ossington, just north of Dundas St.


You can see and hear Steven perform some of the music appearing on this album here.

More details at the Facebook event page.

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