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Sketchbook Issue 2

Today I mailed out the first batch of Sketchbook – Issue Two! I’ll be dropping more off at the post office over the coming days, so subscribers, watch your mailboxes!!!

Potato Gothic

This issue features a number of situations that came to mind while listening to a radio program discussing the feasibility of growing potatoes on Mars.

Coots on Canals

There are also a few images of my experiences while living on a little canal boat in London.

You can see more of the first two issues here.

If you are an art buyer or art director, you can subscribe for FREE here.




Coney Cuisine Capital of the Great Northwest!

Whenever I visit my hometown, my first stop after the airport is either Coney Island, McKellar’s Confectionery or the aptly named Thunder Bay Restaurant. You see, there’s this thing Thunder Bay has about coney sauce. Anything you order can be served with a huge helping of gravy, and yes, they pour it all over the burger too, in fact, over everything on your plate. And the burgers and hotdogs always have the most delicious coney sauce, ever! Locals love to debate which place has the best. You can even buy it in jars at the local farmers markets.

There’s nothing like it anywhere. Some of the confectioneries drawn on the map still have lunch counters and serve french fries in paper bags! The best!

Here’s a close-up of the part of town I lived in:

THUNDER BAY sliders colouring

I’ve only included places that are still in business. The places I frequented as a kid are long gone

Note the portrait of Gus Kelos on the wall, by Thunder Bay artist Ray Swaluk. Gus would balance dogs on his arm as he readied them for customers

Inside the McKellar Conf. Note the portrait of Gus Kelos on the wall, by Thunder Bay artist Ray Swaluk. Gus would balance dogs on his arm as he readied them for customers. Legendary!

Westfort essentials

Westfort essentials: Coney Island and The Salsbury Grill. What I remember most about Coney Island is their phone number – it was almost the same as my parents. We frequently received calls!

Merla Mae is another favourite!

Merla Mae is another favourite!

Thunder Bay’s cuisine is not limited to this coney stuff, either. I’ve done a lot of work based on the other local delicacy, the persian:


I have many more projects about my home town in the works!



Hello March!

Xtra! magazine’s final print edition


Xtra! magazine released it’s final print edition. The art director asked the publication’s favourite illustrators to be part of the special final print edition and the image above is my contribution.

My concept: Pink Triangle Press has taken on many roles with Xtra! — patron of the arts, educator, entertainer, community leader, political activist… the list goes on. Most of all it has provided a voice to a community and inspired courage and commitment that has resulted in many positive changes to the lives of GLBTQ people right across Canada, and beyond.

Xtra! will continue publishing a daily online edition.

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