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H.A.M.S. – The Holiday Arts Mail-order School

A Brief Timeline for H.A.M.S.

March 2008

FLY Gallery
Month long exhibit promoting the founding of H.A.M.S., the Holiday Arts Mail-order School.
A Correspondence Art Project by noted Hallowe’enologist Professor Derek McCormack, Ian Phillips, an artist, and Miss Candy Cackle of the Ladies Institute.

The launch of H.A.M.S. successfully enrolls painters, sculptors, authors and librarians into it’s Hallowe’en Arts program for the 1936-37 year.

Fly Window

H.A.M.S. recruitment window inviting passersby to sign-up for a correspondence course on the topic of Hallowe’en


H.A.M.S. promotion

H.A.M.S. promotion


YORK logo

October 2011

AGYU, The Art Gallery at York University presents:
the Holiday Art Mail-order School
at the Toronto International Arts Fair

Three years into our project, we invited the public into our open house at The Toronto International Arts Fair. Patrons experienced a replica of our haunted Peterborough classroom and were treated to a display of completed student projects and related ephemera.

Haunted Peterborough, Ont., map

Haunted Peterborough, Ont., map


H.A.M.S. Ouija Board

H.A.M.S. ouija board and planchette


Student projects at H.A.M.S.

Student projects in the H.A.M.S. haunted school house


Ectoplasmom at H.A.M.S.

Ectoplasmom in the entrance to the H.A.M.S. Haunted School House


H.A.M.S. souvenirs

H.A.M.S. souvenirs and multiples


H.A.M.S. student conduct

H.A.M.S. classroom


H.A.M.S. souvenirs and multiples

H.A.M.S. souvenirs and multiples


H.A.M.S. student awards and bone china Jack-o-Lantern clock by student Alexx Boisjoli

H.A.M.S. Haunter of The Year award and glow-in-the-dark bone china Jack-o-Lantern clock by student Alexx Boisjoli


Haunted Peterborough, Ont., map

Haunted Peterborough, Ont., map


The H.A.M.S. correspondence course for the year 1937 is complete. We are very excited to announce the Fall 2016 launch of our H.A.M.S. yearbook,
The Jack o’ Lantern!

H.A.M.S. correspondence lesson books

H.A.M.S. correspondence lesson books

A number of events are planned just in time for Hallowe’en 2016, including a H.A.M.S. yearbook launch party and graduation ceremony. We are also working on plans to attend art book fairs in the Toronto and Peterborough region, where the public can obtain yearbooks and H.A.M.S. multiples. Here is a sneak peek at our soon to be released yearbook:

Faculty of the Holiday Arts Mail-order School, of Peterborough, Ont.

Faculty of the Holiday Arts Mail-order School, of Peterborough, Ont.


A sneak peek at our student gallery

A sneak peek at our student gallery


H.A.M.S. achievement awards

H.A.M.S. achievement awards

Thank-you to everyone who helped us with H.A.M.S. Special thanks to Darryl Bank, Alexx Boisjoli, Emelie Chhangur, Joey Comeau, Grant Heaps, Jacob Korczynski, Michael Maranda, Jason McBride, Mr. and Mrs. McCormack of Peterborough, Ontario, Melissa McCormack, Philip Monk, Christopher Paulin, AGYU The Art Gallery at York University, and Fly Gallery. A very special thank-you to the graduates for all their enthusiasm and hard work — to you the upcoming edition of The Jack o’ Lantern is dedicated!
— Dr. Derek McCormack, Prof. Ian Phillips, Miss Candy Cackle


Pixel + Bristle

For those that weren’t in town for Pixel + Bristle, Worker Bee Supply put together this cute little video:

Mirvish Village Giveaway!

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

A nostalgic look at Mirvish Village

Here is the result of a recent commission to design and produce a three-colour silkscreen print based on two new exhibits now on display at Markham House. Tonight only, along with free hotdogs, they’re giving away 200 of these limited-editions away!

Anne Mirvish: The Artist in Her Studio
and Welcome to Yesterday:
Ephemera from Mirvish Village

Come take a look at Anne Mirvish’s art practice and her influence on the neighbourhood known as Mirvish Village. In addition check out the wonderful collection ephemera and memorabilia from the Mirvish Family archive, collected over the past 50+ years. Here you will discover the tale of the Onion Pot and the name of the first shop opened by Honest Ed Mirvish.

The shows run from May 28th to July 10th, 2016.

Markham House
610 Markham St. Toronto
Open daily from 12pm – 7pm

Objects Have Stories @ MADE


A group show I am making something for. Handmade 3D objects by illustrators.

Nov 27
867 Dundas Street West

Looking East – last chance

100 porcelain tiles at Convenience

100 porcelain tiles at Convenience

Two weeks left to see my show at Convenience Gallery.


Show closes March 2nd.


Looking East runs January 3rd to March 2nd, 2014

You can read my artist statement here.

24/7 window gallery
58 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto M6K 2V9
(at Seaforth Avenue, one block North of Queen)

convenience is a window gallery that provides an opening for art
that engages, experiments, and takes risks with the architectural, urban, and civic realm

Colour Coded Opens Tonight

A special delivery from Thunder Bay, just arrived!

Special delivery from Thunder Bay



Colour Coded, an exhibition by Jamie Q and Ian Phillips, Sept 13 through Nov 3rd at The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, 34 Isabella Street, Toronto. Open Tuesday – Thursday 7:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.


Facebook event page here.

I’ll be posting on Instagram , follow me here:


pas de chance at the bookfair!


1093920_608632935824114_930069413_oI’ll be there! with a table full of my wares: pas de chance books, art prints, objects. This is the first book fair I’ve done in about ten years, hoping to see a lot of familiar faces! More info here.

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