New Work

At the beginning of 2014 I set a goal to revamp my entire portfolio. It was a very busy 12 months of drawing new food, patterns, typefaces… Excited to start sharing some of what I’ve been doing!

What I am most excited about is that I have returned to portrait work. It’s continuing to evolve and influence the rest of my work.

Playing around with colourful linework in this portrait of Gore Vidal

Playing around with colourful line work in this portrait of Gore Vidal

And here’s something new that came out of all the doodling I did in my notebook when I was traveling around the UK and Denmark last May:

    I started with a certain number of rules when I started with this new direction

I follow (and sometimes break) a few rules for this new look

I’ve also updated some of my older work and have a number of revamped maps (I love drawing maps):


I love drawing maps and buildings too!

I’ll be updating my portfolio throughout the year. For more frequent updates and a look at my processes, follow me on Instagram!


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