A Different Kind of Christmas Cactus



If VV Boutique can stock holiday stuff this early, so can I!

I’ve always like Xmas cactus, and my favourite thing about the holiday season is all the tinsel! This must be the shiniest silver Xmas-tree-shaped cactus ever! Covered with prickly pears in all different colors, it looks just like a decorated tinsel Xmas tree!


Photographing reflective silver foil is difficult. Best to show with different angles of light.

Getting the silver foil printed was a bit of a job – something I learned in school is that one should never assume your printer understands your instructions, even when you correspond specifically about special finishings. The first batch came back from the print shop sans silver foil! They gracefully accepted responsibility and re-printed them without delay.


On the inside I took the opportunity to add a little twist to one of the most traditional holiday greetings:  A Very Merry Cactus and a Prickly New Pear!

Perfect to mail out to your cactus loving friends this coming holiday season!

Order early, limited supply! Available in packs of five, in my Etsy Shop.



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