Peer-to-Peer Navigation

Peer to peer assistance

Peer to peer assistance

The current issue of Positive Side magazine has an article about peer-to-peer mentoring services available to people newly diagnosed hiv-positive. I was commissioned to create an illustration for the opening page.

A crew of mentors!

A crew of mentors!

The terminology used in the story provided obvious visuals to explore. I couldn’t help but offer a series of images for the art director to choose from.



A peer navigator can help one find their way through the many services available. I included some those services on the ship’s bunting. The bunting, life-saver, and ship’s helm I put together in the form of a compass:



“The emergence of Peer Navigation Services in Vancouver helped reduce the time between diagnosis and entry into care from three years to three weeks.”

No one needs to feel stranded or alone

No one needs to feel stranded or alone

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