Wiggle Walkers Take Note


This is a book cover and illustration I designed for a doctor back in my hometown.

Dr. Robson’s years of experience in chiropracty inspired him to write this useful guide to anyone who might be having issues with their back.

The “wiggle” can be a subtle thing, which is why I decided to make the type wiggle, rather than the model. It’s light and playful and the simple colour scheme makes each element pop.

This was a fun project, I think I probably drew about fifty pairs of shoes before I got the right look for this! Note the continued stripe pattern in the fabric folds at the knee, the pockets, and repeated on the bottom of the shoe and on her t-shirt. Adds a little playfulness.

I’ve cropped people off at the hips before, coincidentally on book covers. Usually it’s parents with toddlers, with the focus being on the toddler. For this book it makes total sense to focus on the person walking away from the reader, as it’s from behind you notice the wiggle, and the model is in a sense walking into the book, inviting the reader to follow!


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