Patterns & Process: SURTEX 2013!!!

It’s official. I am excited to announce that my agency will be at SURTEX: The surface design show in New York, May 19-21st 2013. Come visit!!!

This is my simple three-step process for pattern making:

1. Inspiration

2. Scribbling in my sketchbook

3. Designing the final pattern

Here’s an example:

1. Recently I came across my friend Benjamin Nemerofsky Ramsay’s series of photographs of flowers:

Mimosa on Lausitzerplatz

2. I like the variety of vases he’s found for his Berlin flat’s windowsill. I googled “vintage glass milk vase” and found additional images for reference while scribbling in my sketchbook:

This is always my first step, scribbling on paper

3. The results:

One of the final designs

One of the final designs

One pattern leads to the next:

Something very different can come from a single element of the original design

Thanks for the inspiration, Benny!



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