Collecting: Photography

There’s nothing like digging through boxes or albums of old and discarded photos. No matter how sharp and in-focus, they remain shrouded in mystery. Recently I came across these tiny anonymous head shots at one of my favorite bookstores in the city, Acadia Books, which has been around since 1931.

These portraits are half the size shown – just 20x25mm each

I also picked up this unidentified tiny glass negative:

The Yachtsman Hotel with illustrated boxing poster

It’s definitely worth investing in a good loupe so you can check out the details in the background. Notice the top hats in the foreground of the poster?

Another close-up. Torn Guinness poster, sailors and dogs

With thanks to the Donaghadee Historical Society, I discovered that The Yachtsman Hotel was at 1-3 Main Street, Bangor, according to the Belfast and Ulster Street Directory from 1910.

For more on collecting photography, check out my Swimming in Pictures blog.

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