Fancypants Polanski

In early August, my pup Fancy and I began our longest journey: first to the Veterinarian Emergency Clinic where she spent five long days and nights under observation. Finally, after enduring some pretty invasive surgery, I brought her home. The doctors had done all they could for her and expected her to live only for a couple of days.

But, my Fancy was a strong little tyke, and thanks to the support of my friends, she and I spent every moment of every day together for the next thirty-one days. Surprising everyone, including the doctors, Fancy carried on, playing ball and picnicking in Trinity Bellwoods Park, chasing the other dogs, taking me for walks to visit all her friends in the neighbourhood, and hanging out at her favourite café.

Fancy slowly succumbed to the disease and two weeks ago I lost my best friend. Her presence is everywhere.

Special thank-yous to Grant with whom I shared Fancy, and Alexx, Tom, and the staff and doctors at the VEC.

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