CORM-A-RAMA! and Art For Derek

TWO Fundraisers for Derek McCormack

Many of you may already know, my dear friend and collaborator Derek McCormack will be undergoing radical surgery in just a few days, to eradicate and irradiate an extremely rare form of cancer. This 18-hour procedure will hopefully put the cancer in remission for a very long time. Once he gets out of hospital, Derek will require a minimum of six months of recovery time at home and there are possible complications that will prolong his recovery. Derek is a writer and doesn’t have very much money and he will not be able to work at the bookstore during his lengthy convalescence. To assist Derek, friends have organized a fundraising evening of music and performance at the Garrison. I’ve made this poster to help spread the word:

Please copy and forward this poster and invite your friends. You can also download a high-resolution PDF for printing here.

This man is the source of inspiration for much of what I do, there are no words that can express how deeply indebted I am to him for our friendship.

Anyone wishing to help can also donate money or buy some art at artforderek, another benefit for Derek, organized and curated by Micah Lexier. You can buy art and help Derek at the same time!

Up-to-date information on Facebook.

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