Here are some more images from my patterns portfolio

Something new: my “Busy Town” collection

One of my “99 Clowns” patterns

Another from my ice cream series... Table cloth? Tea towels? Aprons?

One of a series of abstract patterns based on a can of sewing machine oil

This last one is my favourite. It’s inspired by an antique Singer Sewing Machine Oil can, one of which I have in my studio. I will be having this pattern printed on fabric for a project I am working on. I think it would make a great liner for a jacket, too.

In this design, my illustration of the can itself takes up a small portion of the surface. In the background I have taken apart the shapes and colours and created something a little more abstract. I have intentionally not used the  Singer logo as I felt it is the colour and shapes that make the oil can recognizable. Instead I have reduced it to this hand-drawn S. The price is from the original can, but again, hand drawn. The only typesetting I did was for the ‘Sewing Machine Oil’ text, the content volume, and the ‘Made in U.S.A.’ tagline. The sewing machine graphic is not part of the original Singer design, but used to enforce the origins of this graphic.

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