Freedom of Speech vs Minority Rights

Plug it up? or let the venom spew forth?

An interesting assignment from IN Toronto magazine.

The Supreme Court of Canada is deliberating over the case of Bill Whatcott, a fundamentalist Christian convicted by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission for violating hate speech provisions of the human rights code. Whatcott distributed hurtful literature claiming the existence of a homosexual conspiracy to corrupt youth.  Read the story here.

How to approach this topic? I wanted to do something a little bit vague and humourous—without providing an answer to the dilemna—should gay men and lesbians defend people who incite hatred towards them? When exactly is someone crossing over the line from presenting a point of view, to actually causing pain or inciting hate?

Here are a couple of other rough sketches:

Fire and water, and the impending storm that will ensue from ANY ruling this Spring

Too apocalyptic, not as humourous, as the final piece…

Nasty stuff! Don’t need to see that!

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