Collecting: Round Things

Clockwise from top left: Prince Arthur Hotel token, sea urchin, xmas light decoration, good luck carnival token, blood door button, Coe and Waito eggcorn, Sand Dollar

While searching for inspiration I often dig through boxes of stuff I’ve collected.
It seems I am most attracted to round objects! And I think I like drawing round
things as much as I like collecting them!

This was something fun I did for art director Gretchen Kirchner, for an article about US/Canada economic relations, titled Sleeping with The Elephant.

Something round, for the current issue of Forward magazine

More round things clockwise from top left: seed, milk bottle lid, bleached snail shell, photocard, seed, Two Bucks button, hallowe'en toothpick decoration

Something else I drew round

Cannonball (early 1800s), dug up at the site of the original location of Fort William Fur Trading Post

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2 responses to “Collecting: Round Things

  • Photobooth Journal

    It is kind of spooky that we are into so many of the same things. You are getting into ceramics (as I said in my email I went from clay to illustration), you collect photos, you enjoy retro book cover art and quirky titles to go with that (I have a small collection of old books that are totally crap but for the art and titles) and you have a penchant for round found objects. If I get the energy I must take a pic or two of my recent found objects that are round, to show you (got a real beauty a week or two ago!) but I must admit that anything rusty, twisted or unusual in its environment normally makes its way back to my house, no matter what the shape.

    I am sure that if I explored this blog a bit more there would be other things! I suppose it isn’t really that spooky. We are probably just typical arty-fartists!

    I really love the style of your work, Ian. I have just bought an illustration by a Melbourne artist Andrea Innocent, to add to two others that I bought about 4 years ago. Do you sell any of your original illustrations?

    • Ian Phillips Illustration

      Yes — it’s so funny and I am sending you an email saying essentially the same thing. I have a package for you. I do sell prints of my work, but there are no originals as I work digitally. I have a store. There’s a button on here somewhere for it.

      So, yes… rusty things, I drag home rusty things too…

      Check out my tumblr too — all photos of stuff I have collected over the years. One post per day there. Just click on the dancing people on the lower right side of this blog.

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