NEW PRINTS: Vintage Canadian Mascots

Can-D-Man print

Something new in my online shop!

Scott-Bathgate Limited’s Can-D-Man character has been a favourite of mine ever since I can remember. In The Lakehead, where I grew up, there was a food distribution centre that had Can-D-Man on their outdoor signage and my grandmother’s kitchen cupboard was full of their red and white packaging — like this one, which I kept:

The sign is long gone and on my last visit to Winnipeg I made sure I
stopped by their national headquarters to take a couple of shots:

Scott-Bathgate Limited was founded in 1903

Friends for life

When I was a kid, I believed I was a member of the Nutty Club. This second image is part of a series of works I am creating about The Lakehead.  This image is also available as a print from my online shop.

I ate 100s of packages of these growing up in Fort William

Just tearing open one of these paper bags of sunflower seeds was like a visit to the circus, or the barber shop. I found this photo on Jason Liebig’s photostream. He has amassed a wonderful collection of vintage packaging, mostly from the 1970s.

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2 responses to “NEW PRINTS: Vintage Canadian Mascots

  • Mark Mcguire

    Sort of like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man walks into a barbershop. Or something. The “Friends for Life” image is pretty wonderful. And wonderfully pretty. You’ve got some terrific posters in your shop. The San Francisco images bring back memories of past visits (I was reminded of the time I went up Coit Tower). I had no idea there was a large Camera Obscura in San Fran (or anywhere, else, for that matter). The hand-made books look amazing. And those porcelain peanuts! Terrific.

    All the best for 2012, Ian!

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