A Startling Story

A popular print, available from my online store:

This is something I designed while working on a book project with Green Candy Press. The title alone suggested I pursue something pulpy and sci-fi. Research into the genre led to my discovery of the work of Alex Schomberg. It seems I already knew him: I have a very small collection of titles with his illustrations gracing the covers.

This is one I found:

You can see where my inspiration came from

It seemed right that I pay homage to Mr. Schomberg:  co-incidentally, my partner is named Alexx and my dog is from a little town called Schomberg, near Barrie Ontario.

Adventure seemed appropriate for the title font. Designed by Neale Davidson, it is based on the logo for the Indiana Jones series of films.

If you like the subject matter and want to learn more, I suggest a visit to Sci Fi Ruminations.

To finish off this post, an assignment from a few years ago. This time not science fiction, but real science. This spot was for an article about Pluto’s loss of planet status:

Something to unlearn: a primary school flashcard torn in half

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