Punch Bug!

I was recently commissioned to do the cover of Marketing Magazine’s annual Marketers of the Year issue. The art director, Peter Zaver, wanted to see a cityscape with the logos of 10 marketers incorporated into the illustration. He suggested a couple of ideas  — an Andy Warhol style soup can for Campbell’s, and a car for Volkswagen — this was going to be an extra fun job!

I start with quick sketches to work out a few ideas. Scribbles, really! I don’t show these to the client

I pick my favourite(s) — this one has more dimension than the others — and do a tight linear. I like to show it as close as possible to the finished drawing. This is what I usually show the client

The next step is choosing colours. This comp is a little closer to final art. Peter sent me a PDF of the cover so I could make sure I left enough room for the masthead

I like these colours too, but maybe too bold for this piece

This was a really fun project.
I even managed to get my dog Fancy into this illustration!

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