The Sound of The Mountain

The flower resembles a megaphone: the thunder of a volcano, the sound of the band

My friends Elissa and Homero recently asked me to design a logo and CD cover for their band, Los Estéticos.

Homero sent me a bunch of pictures of Pico de Orizaba,  a dormant volcano, and the highest peak in all of Mexico. They suggested that an image of the mountain would represent their sound and their region, Xalapa, Veracruz.

The photos reminded me of the Shochiku film company logo that you see at the beginning of Ozu Yasujiro movies… I thought of  Sound of The Mountain (one of Ozu’s more famous films)….

Elissa is a film historian (she wrote the book on Women Filmmakers of Mexico) and I wondered if she might like the logo positioned to further resemble the Shochiku logo.

The composition needed one more element. Elissa’s daughter’s name means “Rain of Flowers” so I thought I would add a flower from the region. I found one referred to by the name of the mountain… I placed it in the same position as the yellow crest in the Shochiku logo.

After much consensus between the musicians, a simpler version of the design was chosen:

This looks more like an album cover, no? Revolution red!
And a screaming mountain! Now they just need to finish recording!

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