Summer in the Hamptons

Beebe Windmill, Bridgehampton, New York

This drawing was commissioned for an invitation to a private party held in Bridgehampton, New York. The Beebe is one of 11 surviving windmills on eastern Long Island. It was built in 1820.

The client also purchased a large print to hang in their house

Ian Phillips visits Grey Gardens

Ever present in my mind during the project were memories of my visit to Grey Gardens as I had also paid a visit to East Hampton’s almost identical Hook Windmill.

Not that it influenced the drawing in any way, but the 1982 film version of Deathtrap also came to mind while working on this project. The setting for the home of the characters Sidney and Myra Bruhl (Michael Caine and Dyan Cannon) was in a fictional converted East Hampton windmill.

This project was a real pleasure for me to work on! Special thank-you to the Art Director, Pam!

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