Ideas Start on Paper Napkins

A bunch of book folk in Toronto are pooling resources and starting up The Book Bakery, to be launched later this month.  It will be operating out of Capital Espresso, at Queen and Dunn in Parkdale.  The Book Bakery will publish books by artists and writers in limited editions and will offer them up at Type Books in Toronto, and online through Publication Studio.

Derek McCormack asked me to design the logo and gave me this little sketch on a paper napkin to get me started:

The concept was to form the letter B twice, out of the shape of the spines on the stacked books. With books, factories, and bakeries in mind I did about 50 or 60 variations and came up with six final roughs for them to choose from:

Derek McCormack’s favorite is at the top left—it’s the one that most resembles a layer cake, with a generous smear of icing in between. A little refining was necessary, as the logo will run both with and without type, and most important: it will appear quite small on the spine of a book.

Follow the Book Bakery on Twitter and on Tumblr.

Pas de chance press is currently collaborating with Sonja Ahlers, Alexx Boisjoli, and Grant Heaps on a book project which will be printed at The Book Bakery. Watch for our window display, gallery show, and launch party this July at Type Books on Queen Street!

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2 responses to “Ideas Start on Paper Napkins

  • jon v

    hey ian.. i read this and was thrilled, then my next thought was, “hey this sounds like this project some folks are doing in portland.. wait.. isnt that called ‘publication studio’…?”

    its great to have another subtle secret connection between portland and toronto! (does this mean you will visit soon? ha)

    great to follow your blog too. i have a favorite of the logos above, but i wont sway the decision. haha

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