Inspiration is anywhere

Over the holidays I watched “Ohayo” (Good Morning) by one of my favorite film directors, Yasujirô Ozu. Two young boys stop speaking to try to get their parents to buy them a TV. Lots of fun little subplots, mostly about neighborhood gossip.

This is a still of the box containing the TV they want their parents to buy:

What I love about this image is that the “N” and the drawing of the TV together create the word “No.” I don’t have a television myself and laughed when I saw this. Was it intentional?

I am currently working on a series of illustrations about blood diamonds, and the above clip from the film inspired me to do this quick little illustration:

Notice how the diamond itself and the small dot of blood on the lower right form an exclamation ‘!’ or a question ‘?’ mark. Subtle and effective.

Another still from the movie:

More inspiration: I like the pattern of leaves on the left side of this image. Something lacking in my own portfolio are patterns… This shot in the film reminded me to get on top of this situation… Stay tuned!

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