Stephanie’s Kimono

Stephanie had a fitting for her new wedding kimono today. The artwork I did was inspired by Japanese woodcut block prints — and Karen silk-screened it onto the aubergine silk that Stephanie found in Chinatown.

Stephanie grew up in Dana Point, California where there are huge groves of orange trees. She says: “The migration patterns of the whales were a big deal there because the horizon would grow full of them every February. So too with the swallows coming home every year to San Juan Capistrano. So that’s the place I grew up on the back of the kimono.”

On the front of the kimono: “there’s the pine tree, my mother’s maiden name meaning pine in Japanese with plumeria flowers down the right sleeve to represent the time I spent on Maui.”

The olive tree and lavender represent the Italian, French, and British parts of her partner’s family and the maple leaves represent Stephanie’s time in Canada.

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