3×3 Illustration Annual

Something that arrived in today’s mail:  3×3 magazine‘s 7th Illustration Annual.

Two illustrations and one series of illustrations of mine were selected and appear on pages 273, 352, and 377!

Here are two of them:

My version of a San Francisco iconic sign.

I love this sign. The original was designed in 1955 by San Francisco artist Rex May. I first drew it really small for WHERE magazine’s San Francisco guide map and after visiting the city several years later I took about 30 pictures of the sign. People smile a lot in the city and I kept reading  “49 smiles” instead of  “49 miles” and so I created my own version of this iconic sign. San Francisco is 7 x 7 miles, or 49 square-miles and this 49-mile route through the city was first implemented in 1938.

The first dog in space. My own dog Fancy modelled for this piece.

I created this piece after reading about the Laika, the first dog in space. Unfortunately the poor dog, originally a stray, died within hours after launch, from overheating. Fortunately in my scenario, not only does Fancy survive deployment into outer space, but she travels to Saturn and performs the first space walk by a dog. Here is a postage stamp with Laika:

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