Exploring new territory

My tiny corner in the studio, and my dog Fancy.

I am renting space in a ceramic studio until the end of the year. It’s in a giant building which used to be a food distribution terminal. I’m working on a new series of small carnival artifacts. I am also collaborating with my ceramics mentor Alexx Boisjoli: illustrations which will appear on some of his newly designed domestic objects.

Here are some pictures from our first collaboration:

Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel, January 2010

Two-headed beavers and squirrels, and vintage carnival chalkware dogs all cast in porcelain.

For $5 patrons to the hotel played our game of Nutzo! and won original pieces of art. We gave out 20 squirrels, 10 beavers, about 40 or 50 dogs, dozens of Ontario-grown peanuts, also cast in porcelain, and sad-clown buttons for losers.

Here’s a video from the show:

For more information on the project click here.

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